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ANSI Console User Control

This is a user control that you can place on a Winform application, which will provide an ANSI console. if you have looked for console libraries or controls, then this project is for you.



  • Easy to use, drag/drop control to a form
  • Direct placement of cursor, or standard printing with scroll
  • Most ANSI escape codes implemented
  • Actual codepage 437 font featuring the extended character set
  • Load and display ansi text files


  • Write(string text)
  • ReadLine()
  • Goto(int row, int column)
  • Clear()
  • CharAt(int row, int column, char c)
  • ReadFile(string path)

  • TextChanged
  • AnsiCursorLocationRequest

To Do:

  • Scroll up capability
  • Select / Copy / Paste capability
  • Cursor key movement
  • Unit tests would be handy...

Latest update:

9/4/2012 - Project initiated
9/9/2012 - Uploaded source to TFS, removed the download. The previous download has been removed so that I could move the code into a usercontrol library.
9/23/2012 - Fixed major bug in handling the extended characters. Also, ANSI interpreter works much better. Also updated the sample telnet client. (Still some bugs, but its usable now).

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